The Gospel Project: FAQs

Is this a church thing?

It’s hosted by the church, but open to the whole community. You don’t have to subscribe to our beliefs to be part of it, and you won’t be pressured to, either.

Who is directing it?

Jude Waldron, who is a qualified and experienced singing teacher and choral conductor will be helping us get into the groove. She has had lots of experience with community choirs as well as professional experience in vocal performance.

Do I have to come to all the sessions?

No, but it would help the group to come as often as you can.

What kind of music?

Gospel! That funky groove style of singing in choirs associated with a bit of world music, a bit of negro spiritual, a bit of jazz. It’s music from the heart and is great to belt out. We’ll be singing a capella (no instruments) in parts that are easy enough to pick up quickly and feel good about the sound we make.

What does it cost?

$40 per term covers the cost of purchasing music and basic running.

Do we do concerts?

The aim is not so much to perform as to just enjoy making music, but there are occasional opportunities to try out some stuff on sympathetic ears.

Where do I sign up?

It would help to give Jude a call at the church on 9822 7881, but there’s nothing to stop you just rocking up on the first night.