My faith has grown through the way we read the Bible. We don't just read about God, we put our faith into action. This has helped me stay close to God and grow over the years.

At Armadale Baptist Church I can offer my talents in many different ways. I control the sound board, projector and I do dramatic performance along-side other members of the church. I know I am accepted in the church as I belong to a small group on a Wednesday evening as well as Sunday mornings.

Armadale Baptist Church is our family. We're a small congregation so people of all ages interact together. My son and his friends bring joy to the grownups and everyone cares for them.

I was looking for a community who would support me as I studied in Melbourne. It was great to find a group of people who showed me hospitality. I felt part of the church very quickly and was able to share my favourite recipes too - chocolate coated peanut butter, yum!

Armadale Baptist is a place to be passionate! I love throwing my voice around in the community choir "The Gospel Project". It gives me a sense of fun and connection with others, and freedom in expressing how I feel in the music.

My creative side comes out at ABC. I use my gifts in craft to connect with kids in mainly music, and love singing, dancing and playing with them.

Welcome! I'm Jude Waldron, the pastor at Armadale Baptist, and I love these people! I enjoy this church because we're a flexible, open, creative, close-knit team who want to build community in Armadale and show God's love in tangible ways.

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