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Marriage is such a blessing, and we hope that we'll be able to assist you on your special day.


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Weddings at Armadale Baptist Church - FAQs

Who will do the ceremony?
Weddings at ABC are conducted by fully licensed celebrant, Rev. Jude Waldron, our pastor. In certain circumstances, a celebrant of Christian marriage is welcome to conduct weddings here.

I'm not religious. Do I have to become a member?
There is no obligation to join the church or be baptized into our denomination. The service will be conducted under the rites of the Baptist Church in a religious format, but there is lots of room for you to add your personal touches. Any elements that contradict Christian values will not be included in the ceremony.

What about marriage preparation classes?
This is part of the package. As soon as possible, it's good to get this underway. Expect that you will have at least four sessions.

How many people can your church seat?
Approximately 200 are comfortable in the auditorium.

Can we inspect the building?
Yes. Please call the church office at (03) 9822 7881 to arrange an inspection.

Can we move furniture around?
Yes. We require it to be put back exactly as it was afterward, however.

What about sound?
There is a good sound system in the church, which will be run by our experienced operator. There is also a data projector available if you wanted to use PowerPoint presentations.

What about flowers and decorations?
You can bring in your own flowers and pew-decorations if you wish. We may also help with this by special arrangement.

Can we use your pipe organ?
Absolutely. You will need to hire your own organist. We can recommend one, if you would like.

What other instruments do you have?
We have a full size keyboard.

Do you allow photography/videography?
Yes, and we also have a private courtyard suitable for group photos.

Can we have afternoon tea in the building?
There is a large hall and a kitchen available to have afternoon tea, subject to availability on your chosen date.

Does a rehearsal cost extra?
No. A one hour rehearsal session comes as part of the package. Thursday night before the wedding is the usual time available.

How much does each package cost?
The Wedding Package ($800):

  1. Celebrant
  2. Marriage preparation course
  3. Insurance
  4. 1 hour rehearsal at the venue
  5. 3 hour use of facility on wedding day
  6. Organ
  7. Sound operator

How do I book a wedding?

  1. You can contact the church office ASAP on (03) 9822 7881 to check if the facilities are available on the nominated date. (Please leave a message if there is no answer)
  2. Once the date is confirmed to be available, a tentative booking will be made until the $100 non-refundable deposit is received.
  3. The marriage preparation sessions will begin after the deposit is paid.
  4. The remaining payment must be made at least two weeks before the ceremony.
The minimum period required for booking is 6 months in advance.
Please make contact ASAP once engaged to ensure all government and church requirements are fulfilled.
Please do not confirm your reception or honeymoon details until the ceremony details are confirmed.
No confetti or alcohol allowed on premises.